31st October - Today's News: At Least 9 Killed in US Snowstorm

As was forecast, snowstorm hits US east coast killing at least nine leaving more than 2.3 million without power as Northeast recovers from storm. The same wintry storm smacks Atlantic Canada as well.

Here in Britain, a very mild weekend in places - reaching 18.5c in my garden and with nighttime temperatures hovering for the most part around 15c

In Cornwall - parts of which have had a lot more run that us - Stithians reservoir low water level 'no great concern' despite being at only 37% of capacity. A dry winter could however cause problems not just in the SW but across much of the Midlands and East Anglian.

Thailand floods: fears ease in Bangkok as barriers hold

Underwater volcano creates a brand new Canary Island

And finally, India welcomes world's 'seven billonth baby' - chosen entirely at random of course. It's been estimated that the world human population will reach 7,000,000,000 sometime today. Way back in 2000 there were ~6.1 billion of us and in 1900 it was ~1.65 billion.


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