10th October - Today's News: Floods Drown Asia's 'Rice Bowl'

Floods drown Asia's rice bowl as Thailand scrambles to prevent humanitarian disaster from floods

Hot sunny weather blankets Central, Eastern Canada

In Germany, cold front blankets Brocken in snow - must have been quite a spectre!

Ultraviolet light shone on cold winter conundrum. Or is it? Seems to the correlation is not quite so clear cut (look at the period 1760-1800 for example). And the LIA could, IMO, be better described as a period in which there was a greater frequency of cooler summers. Not cold winters. Hence the glacial increases across the whole of the N Hemisphere at that time. All in accord with declining axial tilt and something which IMO ought be continuing today. Though I accept that long term variations in UV may have been another contributory factor.

Australia's alpine parks face threat of hotter, drier climate - and no more snow!

New Zealand oil spill reaches shore as weather holds up response

Warm weather 'knocks High St sales' - it certainly did here! Normally this time of year folk are buying things for the home or Christmas; instead they were in the garden or buying ice creams and bikinis! And apparently Winter's first icy blast is on the way: frost and temperatures of -3C by the weekend. Possibly. For the Cairngorms ..... It's actually looking like another very mild week for most with temperatures finally dipping closer to the October normal over next weekend. But certainly not at all cold. The media's obsession with running these inaccurate and misleading stories is really getting a bit wearisome.

There's supersatuated water vapour in Martian atmosphere whilst Venus has an ozone layer too.


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