7th October - Today's News: Snow Falls on Scottish Hills. No-one Surprised.

Those who forecast a cold October with widespread snow will be jumping with joy because yesterday there was snow in Cairngorms, Glencoe, Glenshee and Nevis Range (and on a few other hills too). Though of course this is as unusual as a steak in Texas. And the Daily Express hits back at thise who criticised it's increasingly inaccurate and misleading stories by telling us we told you snow

Storm wreaks havoc in Nova Scotia

Australia, New Zealand in airlifts to drought-hit Tuvalu

Rain brings cheer to Fujairah, Ajman and RAK - the UAE don't exactly get a lot of the stuff!

The US, Chicago area expected to endure worst winter weather in the nation. According to Accuweather.

Heatwave brings rare moths to UK

Triple rainbows exist, photo evidence shows

Researchers report on changes in Arctic sea ice after return of research vessel Polarstern. Meanwhile researchers think they've found why climate models underestimate Arctic sea ice retreat.

Small NZ glaciers face uncertain future

3-D look at Phillipe provided clues of transition into a hurricane

South California's tectonic plates revealed in detail

First comet found with ocean-like water

What lessons from history's climate shifts? None really: apples and pears were not the same 500 years ago.

And finally, creationists can stop worrying about having monkeys for ancestors. Because it now turns out that humans are just modified fish.


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