1st October - Today's News: Typhoon Nalgae Slams into Philippines

Second typhoon slams Philippines whilst in Vietnam, Typhoon Nesat wreaks havoc in coastal areas. But in Macau they're confidently predicting no more typhoons this year.

In the Atlantic, Hurricane Ophelia grows to category 3 but looks unlikely to threaten America.

Another record warm day in England yesterday as September ended opn 29.2c whilst in my garden it hit 28.9c making the 2nd warmest day of the year. A lot of manmade cloud today as aircraft fly through very humid air ahead of the front now stretched over Ireland and Scotland, so not expecting it to end quite so warm, though further east there's still a slim chance the October record could be beaten as October's weather predicted to break temperature record.

The Daily Mail has some nice pictures - and when you've finished oggling the girls in skimpy bikinis, there's also a interesting piece on how Victorians enjoyed the great autumn heatwave of 1895

Autumn heatwave could help lower grey seal mortality rate whilst alsoo, the heatwave heralds vintage year for English wine (as an aside, one of the very best white wines I have ever drunk came from the Nutbourne Vineyard in Sussex - very much recommended)

Flood death toll in Cambodia rises to 148

Climate fix technical text put on hold - not everyone is keen to see even small scale testing of geoengineering ideas.

Now this isn't quite what it first seem, deforestation may boost rainfall on West African cropland - but only where the crops are grown in cleared land that is still surrounded by rain forest. It doesn't mean you can burn it all down! But it could pave the way for more sustainable food production. Perhaps.

Despite a cool summer, Alpine glacier melt continues - with 86 out of 95 monitored glaciers in Switzerland having retreated in the past year, one by 196m. Though 3 have grown. And over the course of this summer, Canadian Arctic nearly loses entire ice shelf.


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