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25th May - Today's News: El Nino Ends, La Nina Loom

Probably my last update for a week as I'm off for a long weekend tour of tors (and standing stones on Dartmoor) ....

Sadly not expecting to see any 'nadoes from the tors, but there have been some good pics coming in from chasers in the US tornado leaves damage in Dodge City, Kansas
And in NZ, a tornado rips through caravan park whilst stormy weather hits Auckland, two houses struck by lightning
Sri Lanka floods: Death toll reaches 101 as waters recede
Floods displace thousands in central China
There's been an early taste of winter in South America
Exxon Mobil faces 'change or die' moment on climate as shareholders rebel against theor policy of denial
Bad news as Poland starts logging primeval Bialowieza forest despite protests A NASA study helps explain sea ice differences at Earth's poles
And El Nino bows out after driving year of record heat as La Nina lurks in the wings

24th May - Today's News: Most Britons Prefer a Wet Bank Holiday ....

23rd May - Today's News: 38 Rescued as First Winter Snows Hit NZ

21st May - Today's News: Cyclone Roanu Bears Down on Bangladesh

20th May - Today's News: India Records Hottest Ever Day

More records fall as the hottest day recorded in India's Rajasthan since records began.  A staggering 51c.  Meanwhile, in the south, Andhra and Odisha get ready to face Cyclone Roanu's wrath whilst the search resumes in rain for missing in Sri Lankan landslide as hundreds believed to be buried
Canadian wildfire crosses border into Saskatchewan
Onlookers stunned as 'twister' spotted in Lincolnshire skies
Antarctic rocks record Totten Glacier's rapid retreat history
Will more snow over Antarctica offset rising seas? Don't count on it
Scientiists find evidence of ancient tsunamis on Mars - which is, of course, further evidence of ancient oceans on the red planet.   And Hubble takes Mars portrait near close approach
And slightly off topic, but after the catastrophic landslides and earthquake in 2014 and 2015, the circus returns to the Himalaya as more than 150 scale Mount Everest after weather improves - it's getting more and more like Snowdon by the year....

18th May - Today's News: Scores Missing in Sri Lanka Landslide

17th May - Today's News: Record May Snowfall in New England

16th May - Today's News: Global Temperature Record Broken Again in April

13th May - Today's News: NOAA Predicts La Nina Later This Year

11th May - Today's News: First Autumnal Snow in Australia

10th May - Today's News: 2 Dead in Oklahoma Tornadoes

9th May - Today's News: "Supertide" Catches Out British, French Tourists

26.8c at Pershore, 26.5c in my garden yesterday on what was actually quite a pleasant 'hot' day - a keen breeze kept the humidity down.  Be a while before we see such temps again though.   Maybe the late May bank holiday weekend?  When I will be on holiday ....

But some folk enjoying this early spell of summery weather had a shock as 20 cars submerged after high tide at Talacre , Flintshire with more caught out in London as River Thames floods on hottest day of the year whilst across the Channel supertide on the French coast swallows tourists' cars
Colorado hit by several tornadoes amid swarm of spring storms
Canada wildfire advance 'slows' as evacuations finish but 20% of Fort McMurray homes destroyed, says MP (remembering that this was a town with a population of 80,000)
Wild weather hits Melbourne and Adelaide with flash flooding and 80km/h winds causing chaos - as Sydney is washed out with rain while rain falls at critical time for farmers as BoM predicts end of…

7th May - Today's News: Mount St Helens Reawakening?:

6th May - Today's News: Further Evacuations from Massive Alberta Wildfire

4th May - Today's News: Wildfire Forces Evacuation of Canadian Town as Heatwave Continues

Canada wildfire forces mass evacuation in Fort McMurray following record high temperatures

Wave of dead sea creatures hits Chile's beaches, experts blame El Nino

Floods following drought worsen Ethiopian hunger

Wind can power ‘79% of Scottish homes’ - but only when it is blowing at the right speed.  Wherein lies the problem ....

Water shortages will deliver ‘severe hit’ to world by 2050 – World Bank

Researchers discover that rain spawns more rain when it falls on ploughed land

And it's suggested that Earth may be home to one trillion species  - almost all of which are microbial and yet to be discovered.   Rather raising the prospects of similar life on other planets, I think, though not necessarily of extremely rare (by Earth standards) big animals like humans.

3rd May - Today's News: Storms Hit Melbourne