9th May - Today's News: "Supertide" Catches Out British, French Tourists

26.8c at Pershore, 26.5c in my garden yesterday on what was actually quite a pleasant 'hot' day - a keen breeze kept the humidity down.  Be a while before we see such temps again though.   Maybe the late May bank holiday weekend?  When I will be on holiday ....

But some folk enjoying this early spell of summery weather had a shock as 20 cars submerged after high tide at Talacre , Flintshire with more caught out in London as River Thames floods on hottest day of the year whilst across the Channel supertide on the French coast swallows tourists' cars

Canada wildfire advance 'slows' as evacuations finish but 20% of Fort McMurray homes destroyed, says MP (remembering that this was a town with a population of 80,000)


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