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31st March - Today's News: Spring Snowstorm Hits Iran, Azerbaijan

28th March - Today's News: Big Wet hits SE Queensland

Big wet hits southeast Queensland: roads cut, flash flooding, massive rainfall

Meanwhile, fog, rain and thunderstorms make for a wet weekend in Canberra
Washington mudslide death toll to rise 'subsantially' with the current confirmed toll 25 but up to 90 still missing.
New England wilts under spring snowstorm
Massive haboob dust cloud blankets Phoenix in thunderstorm aftermath

And tumbleweeds plague drought-stricken American west
Snow falls in Britain but temperatures set to rise to 20c at weekend (obviously, no snow in Evesham!)
Climate change will make UK weather too wet and too dry, say Met Office - I thought that was already the case?!  But seriously, this is no more than many of us have been saying for a good while now.  Though it may take time before the general public understand that it can become drier, but with more floods, warmer, but with colder winters, for example ....
India's Brahmaputra river: 'the flood waters are eating away at our land'
Seasonal Arctic sum…

25th March - Today's News: Washington Landslide Death Toll Rises, Many Still Missing

Washington landslide death toll rises to 14 with up to 176 people still unaccounted for ....
Powerful spring snowstorm to slam New England later today
Moscow temperature to hit record high then fall to minus six - that's date record, of which there have already been 6 this month.

And it's been exactly 29 years since Earth had a colder-than-average month - so much for global cooling!
One I missed from last week: heavy snow, strong winds hit northern Japan with record snowfall for March, though I think that is only for the location, not the country.
They are desperately seeking solutions to worst drought in decades in Brazil
WMO annual climate statement highlights extreme events in 2013
Research says Arctic Sea Ice predicts Europe's winters

Is Yellowstone Park volcano dying?

A WHO report says air pollution 'kills 7m people a year'
And there's dissent among scientists over key climate impact report - I suspect the problem may in part be a tendency to suggest future impac…

24th March - Today's News: At Least Eight Dead in US Landslide

20th March - Today's News: Hekla About to Erupt?

19th March - Today's News: Record Highs in Europe After Mild Winter

17ty March - Today's News: Smog Leads to Paris Car Ban

15th March - Today's News: Cyclone Lusi Hits NZ

14th March - Today's News: Deadly Cyclone Lusi Approaches NZ

12th March - Today's News: Singapore's Driest February

11th March - Today's News: Snowmelt Brings Flooding to Montana

10th March - Today's News: Spring Brings Record Temperatures to Europe

Spring sprung yesterday as parts of UK enjoy warmest day of the year so far with temperatures reaching 20.5c in London (one of the earliest dates on which 20c has been recorded in Britain) and 18.9c in my garden - a fine days for a walk with friends through the woods and riverside around Pershore, and a couple of pints afterwards.  And it was warm in parts of Europe too over the weekend with record breaking temperatures as the Netherlands basks in the Sun, a Spring temperature record measured in Ă…land Islands in the Baltic, whilst today it's predicted that weather in Moscow about to set new temperature record
Twin cyclone threat strands tourists, shuts ports in north, far north Queensland
A shrinking country: Ireland 250 acres smaller after floods tear chunks off coastline over the winter.

Earlier last week tornado blacks out 13.500 homes in France
In Pune, India, unseasonal rain and hailstones lash district, 15 hurt
And is it too little too late?  After dry season rain begins to f…

7th March - Today's News: El Nino on the Way

Across Britain, this winter's tree storm damage 'worst since 1987' - locally there's been very little sign of any damage although I'm sure we've lost a couple of trees from the river bank at one point ....  Meanwhile, more concerns that careless farming 'adding to floods' - and as I've said before, it's in farmers' interests to do all they can to prevent theirs or their colleagues' fields being flooded as some have this year.
El Nino may arrive as early as mid year, US climate center says
Helvellyn weather trek up for auction - not sure I'd pay £90 to accompany someone up a hill when I could readily climb it myself (and record weather en route) for free!   But nonetheless an innovative way to raise funds to cover the cost of the service.
In the past this would probably have been inexplicable, miraculous even, and been written down as a mystery unsolved to this day, but it turns out that Ireland's long hot summer responsible for b…

March 5th - Today's News: Flooding Hits Christchurch, NZ

3rd March - Today's News: Another Winter Storms Hits Central, Eastern US

1st March - Today's News: Storm Brings Welcome Rain to California

It was officially a snow-free winter in Evesham, the first I've recorded and the first I can remember experiencing anywhere.   Frosts were also notable by their absence with only 6 days recording temperatures below freezing and that helped make it my mildest recorded winter.  It was also my wettest winter - though by no means my wettest 3 month period, with rainfall for the whole of winter close to that of July 2007.   But spring arrives bright, sunny, calm and ..... frosty!
Storm lashes California, but not a drought buster
The great freeze over Great Lakes as seen by satellite
Cyclone warning in place for Tonga
NASA scientists find evidence of water in meterorite, reviving debate over life on Mars
And how Earth might have looked: how a failed Saharan Atlantic rift zone sculped Africa's margin