25th March - Today's News: Washington Landslide Death Toll Rises, Many Still Missing

Washington landslide death toll rises to 14 with up to 176 people still unaccounted for ....

Moscow temperature to hit record high then fall to minus six - that's date record, of which there have already been 6 this month.

And it's been exactly 29 years since Earth had a colder-than-average month - so much for global cooling!

One I missed from last week: heavy snow, strong winds hit northern Japan with record snowfall for March, though I think that is only for the location, not the country.

And there's dissent among scientists over key climate impact report - I suspect the problem may in part be a tendency to suggest future impacts on a basis of 'all else being equal' whereas we know that other factors will change - improved farming for example - and this may well mitigate some of those impacts.


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