7th March - Today's News: El Nino on the Way

Across Britain, this winter's tree storm damage 'worst since 1987' - locally there's been very little sign of any damage although I'm sure we've lost a couple of trees from the river bank at one point ....  Meanwhile, more concerns that careless farming 'adding to floods' - and as I've said before, it's in farmers' interests to do all they can to prevent theirs or their colleagues' fields being flooded as some have this year.

Helvellyn weather trek up for auction - not sure I'd pay £90 to accompany someone up a hill when I could readily climb it myself (and record weather en route) for free!   But nonetheless an innovative way to raise funds to cover the cost of the service.

In the past this would probably have been inexplicable, miraculous even, and been written down as a mystery unsolved to this day, but it turns out that Ireland's long hot summer responsible for burning holy ash


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