15th March - Today's News: Cyclone Lusi Hits NZ


Are lightning deaths increasing?  Or are they just being reported more?

Wind leaves nuclear behind in China

Ongoing climate change means that it's likely the number of days without rain to dramatically increase in some world regions by the end of this century (ie, not next year) - but this doesn't mean that there won't also be floods.

And I see my old friend Piers Corbyn has decided that a report of it being windy in Glasgow, and a gust of 112mph at 4,000ft in the Cairngorms, yesterday verifies his forecast of severe weather around the 14-15 March.  Way to go Piers!  Although questions still remain about his forecast for the weather this week in general:
On 14 Mar 2014, Michael wrote:

Am I alone in wondering why we have not received the Major Damaging Storm forecast for western Britain from March 10th? I live in the Brecon Beacons and all this week the daytime temperatures have reached 14 degrees with beautiful sunshine from almost dawn to dusk.The weather is extremely calm with almost no wind.What is happening?
I wonder if that post will stay up long?

Incidently, the BBC report wind speed of 111mph at summit of Cairn Gorm - given that gusts of 140mph+ are not uncommon there and the highest verified gust recorded was 173mph I really dont see how it makes a news story?


  1. That post is still there Andy (perhaps Piers hasn't noticed) and there's also this -

    "On 14 Mar 2014, David C (subscriber) wrote:

    Michael you are not alone re storm (or lack of it) this month is way of track yet it does not get highlighted by anyone? I'm sure if BBC had forecast a major storm, that didn't materialise they would get called all sorts on here. Too much politics and long winded posts on here,to get genuine weather fans interested. I'm hope this gets posted and not marked as trollish! Last month got nailed by Piers and so he was rightly praised! When it goes wrong constructive critisism should be posted."

    Their faith is being tested... :-)


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