5th October - Today's News: Yet Again, No Hurricane On The Way!

2011 has been the year the weather went wonky (so stand by for snow in days) - or at least, expect a dusting of snow if you're on the Ben tomorrow (as forecast last Thursday). But there isn't a new hurricane to hit Britain - just a bit of normal autumn wind and rain (the Express have rather excelled themselves in their efforts to produce the most misleading, inaccurate piece of scaremongery of the year - maybe they want to be the new Weekly World News or Daily Sport? Expect them to annouce fresh evidence there was never a WWII bomber on the Moon, any day soon ... ).

Whether the wind and rain in Scotland is the severe storm that Piers Corbyn forecast for last weekend is a moot point. He too has been working overtime - in trying to find some means of arguing through interdimensional illogicality that his forecast was correct even though it couldn't have been more wrong if he's predicted torrential frog falls in Wales, a swarm of F5 tornadoes in the Wash and a meter of snow in London. All at midday on the 1st October. If I find time, I may do a full assessment of this "forecast" later.

huge waves tracked off Lewis by Lews Castle College UHI - but they are were not abnormal, and now the equpiment is in place and shown to work it'll be interesting to see what heights are recorded when we get a real storm.

And although winter is NOT expected to arrive early, Scotland gears up to face another tough winter.

Meanwhile the Met office have now issued a summary of the warm autumn weather 2011.

Thailand floods: more than 200 die, temples threatened

South Pacific water shortage hits Tokelau (and I'm predicting problems in parts of England next year if we don;t have a very wet winter - only 60% of normal rainfall here this year and October is already shaping up to be another very dry month)

Tropical storm brings downpours to southern China, raises disaster fears

Chaos on the Interstate as dust storm blinds Arizona drivers

No longer disruption air traffic and largely forgotten by most, Puyehue volcano ash still clouds life in Argentina

Ice Age carbon mystery: rising carbon dioxide levels not tied to Pacific Ocean, as had been suspected

Construction drives China's CO2 emissions - so who want to suggest a curb on building?

Europe to lead daring Sun mission


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