11th July - Today's News: Icy Weather Down Under

In Australia, big waves close major port as Victoria's weather turns icy whilst Tasmania's icy weather closes roads, schools and today Perth shivers on coldest day of the year. And in NZ, welcome snowfall makes mark.

No more rain here at the weekend and with 10.8mm for the first 10 days, and little more expected this week, it looks like yet another dry month in Evesham. However, there was rain elsewhere, especially once again in Scotland where storm blows Scottish Open off course at Castle Stewart.

I'm not quite sure where the Daily Mail get this headline: After the hottest spring in 118 years, forecasters predict the coolest summer in two decades since I'm unaware of anyone making such a prediction. I'm running close to average for July so far, and expect to see around 26c today - and contrary to what the story suggests, low to mid 20s should also be seen across much of England and Wales. A little warmer then, than normal.

Sunshine amounts may have been down last month on some recent years, but they were still above average in England and Wales and whilst it may well have been the coldest June since 1991 that's more a reflection on how very warm recent years have been since the temp across the UK as a whole was exactly equal to the 71-00 average - and remember, that means normally we'd expect some year to be colder! Also worth noting that last month saw the highest temperatures recorded anywhere in Britain since 2006. I predict more perfectly normal weather to come though this month and into August.

Heavy rain affects roads, prompts evacuation in B.C., Alberta

Rather different in part of the US though where there are record temperatures as heatwave plagues 15 states.

Record setting heatwave hits Hungary

There's been freaky weather: strong winds in Dubai

It's alleged that climate change is cause of Ethiopian drought. Would that be the same climate change that caused the 'Geldof' drought in the 80s I wonder?

Meanwhile, there'll be fewer rain storms across southern Australia with global warming while a new analysis shows climate change reducing ocean's carbon dioxide uptake.

Katla volcano in Iceland remains dormant but Indonesia raises red alert at volcano on Sulawesi.

Small tsunami reaches Japan after major quake - but no reports of damage.


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