24th April - Today's News: Spring Snowstorm Hits American NE

In the US, snow, rain slams East Coast with 'unusual' storm whilst snow and rain hit parts of Central, Atlantic Canada as well.

Our 2nd thunderstorm of the year in Evesham on Sunday brought rainfall totals for the month above average at last, though that doesn't mean they'll stay so until next week.  I doubt there'll be a month's worth of rain to fall in 72 hours in these parts, especially since yesterday produced just 0.5mm.  But we might get another week's worth by month end .... 

7 members of a Kenya church group killed by flash floods in park

Daytme meteor streaks across North America

Public back windfarm subsidies, survey suggests

Mexican volcano keeps locals awake

And Gaia theory scientist James Lovelock admits he was 'alarmist' about the impact of climate change - much to the delight of the anti-science mob who now even criticise him for admitting he was wrong!  Obviously 99% of climate scientists and all those who do not subscribe to (or have been conned by) certain, extremist, religious beliefs, do not advocate 'catastrophic' climate change.   But our views are, of course, much harder for the anti-science priests to argue against....   Incidently, I don't recall seeing any of the alarmist claims attributed to Lovelock before, but I'm absolutely sure had I done so I would have pointed out how very unlikely there were. 


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