18th June - Today's News: Record Alaskan Heatwave

After Vouvray crops dameged by hail storm yesterday, French residents warned of weather danger with more violent thunderstorms expected today

Met Office experts meet to analyse 'unusual' weather patterns  whilst over at The Carbon Brief, Roz Pidcock explains David Rose's latest mash up of Met Office weather and climate research.   Finding out why it's been colder or wetter than usual - what factors might have insfluenced the change in our normal weather patterns - will help us with longer term forecasts in the future.   That's the point of the workshop.  Nothing more.

Jet Stream changes cause climatically exceptional Greenland ice sheet melt - but what causes the Jet Stream changes?  That's the bigger question .....

Huge Mexican volcano eruption hurls burning ash into the sky - captured on video


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