20th June - Today's News: Big Winter Storm Pounds New Zealand

Just over 25c in my garden yesterday, so the warmest day of the year so far.  And some nice, gentle, summer rain early this morning to save having to water the plants - perfect!  And a little mickey taking from the Aussies as Brits go balmy over 26c 'heatwave'

Bit colder in NZ though (it is, of course, winter down there) where gales howl though Wellington as winter storm moves north with storm 'crunch time' yet to come

And it's also freezing Argentina: temperatures below zero as polar wave continues

The MetO have responded to some of the totally misleading headlines in yesterday's 'news'papers - such as The Sun - and also have a guest blog on how the Atlantic may influence wet summers

Indonesia to 'make rain' to end Sumatra fires - somehow I don't think it'll work though.  Best estimates are that cloud seeding may increase rainfall by just a few percent.  And you can't make rain if there are no rain bearing clouds to seed .....

It's suggested that Siberian caves warn of permafrost meltdown - because on 2 past occasions when the temp was ~1.5c above 'pre-industrial' levels, speleothems formed.   But.  Are those the only two occasions when the temp was ~1.5c higher?   What happened in the Eemian interglacial for example?  When temps, in Siberia at least, were warmer than today (and it's the temp in Siberia, not global temp, that determines whether the Siberia permafrost melts)?   

And more evidence that early Mars atmosphere 'oxygen rich'


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