7th December - Today's News

Yet another wet day here in Evesham (only 4 days since the beginning on November when I've not recorded rainfall) - but growing confidence now that come the end of this week we'll see high pressure start to dominate the weather again, so a quieter, much drier run up to Christmas. How cold remains to be seen. As yet no signs of a white Christmas.

A couple of Met Office press releases to kick things off with today:

Tackling temperature rise

And, as mentioned on Saturday, Release of global-average temperature data

Himalayan glaciers melting deadline 'a mistake'

Snow dusts the south from Lousisana to Georgia

Alberta winter storm causes travel chaos

Biggest snowfall in six years blankets Edmonton

Earth more sensitive to carbon dioxide than previously thought

New study cites lower rate of earthquakes along some subduction zones

Undocumented volcano contributed to extremely cold decade from 1810-1819

Copenhagen climate summit: Ending deforestation key to stopping warming - we've been saying it for years and just possibly the politicians might finally take notice? If a real and practical plan to immediately and drastically cut deforestation (and provide other, safer, sustainable means of income for the local people) comes from this summit then it will be a success. I'm not holding my breath though.


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