14th December - Today's News

Snow on the way for Britain? I think many of us could well see some before the week is out! It's a good while since I last saw snow in December. Christmas itself remains uncertain - it could well just be mild and wet but at this stage, snow for some is also a real possibility. And that kicks off today's news with freezing weather to bring snow to UK and patients warmed of cold weather.

Geothermal project in California is shut down

90 vehicles trapped as Calif. faces rain, snow, mud

Praries hit by extreme cold snap

Lightning produced radiation a potential health concern for air travellers

Wierdo cloud on horizon for weather girl Behnaz
Nerds poke fun at the Swansea-born beauty on forums populated by weirdos with a thing for cloud formations – and even seem to think they know better than the stylish 29-year-old when it comes to fashion. “They say my clothes are too tight, generally,” said Behnaz, a former model, who lives in Cardiff. “They just really love the weather, and there’s this one website in particular where they really slag me off.
Anyway, the story doesn't have a picture of Behnaz accompanying it. So I found one myself.

Looks fine to me!

Now, if Daniel Corbett was wearing a tight top, that would be cause for complaint!


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