5th December - Today's News

Glacier threat to Bolivia capital

Houston gets earliest snowfall on record - nothing like that on the way for England just yet, but growing signs that conditions will turn colder here after the middle of the month. Meanwhile, in Boston, Mass., fall's first frost to break record - it's been even more frost free there this autumn than it has been in England (my first frost was 1st December - the latest date by over 2 weeks)

Earthquake prediction model developed

Life saver for the Gulf Stream? Climate changes supplies more saline waters from Indian Ocean

Large moon of Uranus may explain odd tilt

Study shows variability in ocean's CO2 uptake

Met Office to publish warming data - CTs should note that further data will only be made public after the Met Office have contacted all the other meteorological agencies from whom they received data, in order to get their permission. If the data is not yours to make public you cannot make it public. No matter how many FOI requests someone submits!


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