2nd December - Today's News

No surprise to many, but November was the wettest month on record (that's the wettest November on record - the headline is slightly misleading)

Phil Jones, the professor at centre of climate change email row stands down temporarily - and the CTs are gleefully reporting amongst themselves that he's been 'suspended'. When the CTs twist even little things like this in such ways, it's no wonder they have such little credibility. They've even argued that the Copenhagen conference should be cancelled - conveniently forgetting that the theory of AGW is not based on the work of Jones and Mann but on over 150 years worth of scientific study plus the ongoing work of thousands of other scientists around the world today. But then, do any CTs really have the faintest idea what AGW, climate change etc is? Probably not. As I know from other conspiracy theories, the theorists work from a basis of ignorance and reject any suggestion of contrary scientific evidence on the assumption that any evidence refuting their fanciful claims is fake. Hence their continuing belief that the Giza pyramids were built by space aliens 10,500 years ago..... We used to call some of the climate change deniers 'flat earthers' - a term which it turns out was rather more appropriate than we thought!

Meanwhile, I bet they'll keep quieter about this: climate sceptics get it wrong

The Global Warming Polilcy Foundation (GWPF) was launched by Lord Lawson, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, last week to "help restore balance and trust" in the climate change debate.

The think tank was set up in the wake of the 'climategate scandal' that saw scientists at the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit (CRU) accused of manipulating climate change data.

However it has now emerged that a graph used by the GWPF on its website was incorrect.

The graph, that shows global temperatures from 2001 to 2008, showed 2003 was the hottest year when in fact it was 2005.

The organisation have admitted there was a "small error" and have now corrected the graph

Not a good start!

Tornado damages more than 100 homes in central Java

NASA's Earth Observatory 'picture of the day' shows just how hot the springtime heatwave in southeastern Australia was. Interestingly it also shows much of western Australia with below average temperataures. All in all, indicative of the conditions we'd expect with an El Nino. Whether AGW has meant the heatwave was even warmer than it might otherwise have been is a matter of debate. One consequence was that the heat drives 97 year old to purchase a new car.

Saudi Arabia orders inquiry into flash flood deaths and here in Britain, Cumbria flood fund raises £1m for victims

Forecast predicts less snow in Canada this year

El Nino expect to last until May

First comprehensive review of state of Antarctica's climate - well worth a read! The media, inevitably just pick one bit of it and run with sea level rise will double due to melting of Antarctica but it's the full review we should be assessing.


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