10th Decemeber - Today's News

Just a brief entry today.

Firstly, we now have English news accounts of what was almost certainly a rocket launch seen over northern Norway earlier this week: Failure of Russia's latest nuclear missile prompts UFO frenzy - and as predicted, despite the explanation being pointed out almost right from the start, discussions of conspiracy and UFO websites have gone on for pages and pages and pages and pages. Sometime the simple, obvious explanation just isn't good enough and only Scalar weapons, Wormholes and the End of the World will do!

And here in Britain, the media have picked up on the potential from some colder weather to move in over the weekend and especially next week: Icey week ahead slashes the odds on a white Christmas (as predicted here).

And finally, in response to 'climategate' the Met Office have ordinated a Statement from the UK Science Community.

A full round of news reports tomorrow.


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