22nd December - Today's News

More serious chaos on the roads (and airports) in England yesterday due to snow - and yet again we failed to see a single flake in Evesham. All eyes now on Christmas Eve with the risk of some nasty conditions developing across the Midlands - though snow more likely over the Cotswolds and further north than down here in the Vale. After that, further potential developments next week.

Snow hits Hampshire and Berkshire

Gatwick passengers beseige staff as snow wrecks getaway hopes

Thousands trapped in cars overnight due to snow and ice

From Eurostar: don't blame us, it was the wrong kind of snow

In Northern Ireland: weather playing havoc with Christmas travel

More than 80 dead in European winter weather

And in America, icy East wobbles back to its feet

Meanwhile, different weather problems down under as Cyclone Laurence strengthens over WA

Swiss court acquits geologist in earthquake trial


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