26th November - Today's News

An increasing number of media commentators and bloggers - including George Monbiot - have been jumping on the 'climategate' bandwagon and adding their tuppence worth of uninformed opinion - almost all of it scathing against Professor Jones etal. In every case these commentators have 2 things in common: 1) they appear not to read the actual files, do not know the context in which certain emails were written and are relying entirely on other bloggers for their information and 2) the general public will believe that what they write must be true .....

Next week they'll be telling us all about the alien cheese mines on the Moon and the public will be boycotting cheddar!

If you are going to report on a conspiracy theory, check all the facts first - don't just rely on what the conspiracy theorists tell you! Is that really to hard to understand?

There's a slightly better report from the New York Times: Stolen emails sharpen a brawl between climate scientists and skeptics which some of those British commentators and bloggers would be well to read!

Oh, and while on the subject, can we make one other thing clear - sceptics are the ones who do not believe the conspiracy theory, not those obsessed with proving it. So can we please now stop calling them that?

But on a lighter note, I absolutely love this video and hope it makes No.1 in the pop charts (it may well become one of the most viewed youtube videos at the least). I'm quite sure Michael Mann finds it's just as funny as I do (he can't be as humourless as the CTs, that's for sure!) it's cleverly done and has a really catchy tune.

As so to today's news stories - which will be the last round-up until next week as I'm away in Stirling for the next 3 days.

Why do we dream of a white Christmas?

Rain kills 3, displaces 12,000 in Argentina

Warming to hit "roads, pipelines" in Canada north

Brits take weather obsession abroad - hey, I thought the only reason for going abroad was for the weather! The more extreme the better .....

In Melbourne, wild weather knocks out trains as storms lash State

And closer to home, in Edinburgh, Castle closed to visitors as 60mph winds batter Capital as stormy weather causes havoc across Scotland - blizzards on the summits of the Cairngorms in November? It's about as rare as a frost in Braemar in January? LOL!


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