14th November - Today's News

It was wet and windy overnight, but nothing too bad here. However, in the SW heavy rain and gales cause chaos, in the SE homes flood amid weather warning and in Wales too weather warning as floods strike. With a risk of tornadoes today, there're likely to be more reports on Monday.

Meanwhile, in Australia heatwave causes chaos across SA and in the USA bridges reopen in NJ as flooding starts to ease as nor'easter worst storm to hit Shore in decade

Greenland ice cap melting faster than ever - which is not exactly an indication of an imminent 'little ice age' as the global coolers would have us believe is about to happen!

Brazil says Amazon deforestation slowest in 21 years

China mayor apologises after heaviest snow in 60 years kills 38

Global warming is not our fault say most voters in Times poll - but I'm amazed that 28% think it's "far and away the most serious problem we face as a country and internationally" - more than the economy, crime, decaying social structure, terrorism, war, pollution ......

Professor to predict weather on Mars

Impact reveals Lunar water by the bucketful

Lightning strike in Africa helps take pulse of the Sun

Rather surprisingly, trees in far north provide biggest climate benefit (but do nothing to reduce the environment and climatic impact of massive tropical deforestation)


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