3rd November - Today's News

Typhoon Mirinae weakens after crossing Vietnam coast

Sydney boils as mercury rises

Stormchasers head for supercell central - which in Australia is just south of Brisbane

I'm not sure whether to laugh or bang my head on the wall, as 'chemtrails' get a high profile write up in a provincial US newspaper - watching the skies for an H1N1 connection (yes, now chemtrails are being blamed for swine flu). Suffice to say it's full of the usual misinformation and nonsense promoted by those who see conspiracies everywhere but are utterly incapable of reading a book about weather. It's internesting to note that 'chemtrails' supposedly started appearing almost exactly the same time the internet took off ...... although the persistent contrails claimed to be chemtrails had been around for decades before - and much studied too. But never let facts get in the way of a good conspiracy!

For more reliable info on contrails try: http://www.airspacemag.com/flight-today/Flight_Lines.html

Not a new story, just an update to something we already knew: snows of Kilimanjaro shrinking rapidly, and likely to be lost. One interesting snipet I wasn't aware of before is that
4,200 years ago, a drought in that part of Africa that lasted about 300 years and left a thick (about 1-inch) dust layer, was not accompanied by any evidence of melting. These observations confirm that the current climate conditions over Mount Kilimanjaro are unique over the last 11 millennia.
Which does raise questions about whether it is precipitation changes (which I and others have suggested) that is primarily to blame. It doesn't disprove the idea of course, but does at least suggest other factors are involved.

North Atlantic fish populations shifting as ocean temperatures warm. As one would expect they

Date point to some improvements in China's environment - notably increased forest growth and reduced desertification. Could the 2 be connected?

Arctic sea ice recovers slightly in 2009, remains on a downward trend

And update on Sunday's flooding in NE Scotland: householders flee Scottish floods with more bad weather on the way. Looks like there'll be some rain or showers most days this week - but nothing especially heavy is expected. There's similar problems in the US too with Missouri, Illinois flooding: casino, roads closed.

And the Met Office have issued an assessment of Sunday's rain and gales: http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/corporate/pressoffice/2009/ht20091102.html

Europe probe tracks global warming impact on water - one assumes that it will help "give faster predictions of floods and other extreme incidents" that are not caused by global warming as well!

Finally today, number of airline passengers 'could fall because of climate fears' - which would be no bad thing in my book! Less aircraft; less contrails! But I doubt it'll happen - and indeed it's simply one of a number of possible scenarios produced by a 'think tank'. Not a genuine prediction.


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