13th November - Today's News

October was wettest on record in USA. It was also the 3rd coldest on record. The full NOAA Press Release is here. Suffice to say that the USA is just a tiny part of the planet and 1 month is a tiny part of any climatically significant period (we usually look at a minimum for 30 years to determine any meaningful trends) so in terms of global warming/cooling/whatever it means b*gger all.

And on that vein it's also interesting to note that over the past decade record high temperatures far outpace record lows across US

There's flooding on both sides of the Atlantic: rail delays as rain brings floods in Wales - likely to be just the first of many such stories as we head in to a very wet (and windy) spell of weather here in Britain with heavy rain and gales on the way (as I forecast earlier this week). Meanwhile, in the US, Ida's torrents dump floods along Atlantic coast.

Elsewhere, Tanzania hit by deadly landslide and in India, Cyclone Phyan rains on Pune

As forecast earlier this week, Adelaide sweats in landmark heatwave

China snow traps thousands as Premier oversees relief

Earth's early ocean cooled more than a billion years earlier than thought

Mini ice age took hold of Europe in months ...... ! Arrgghh! Don't tell the Global coolers that - they'll have us facing the Day After Tomorrow in a flash....


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