6th November - Today's News

In the US, the wet weather delays harvest from Midwest to South

Vietnam flood toll rises to 98

It took until November, but we finally saw an Atlantic storm make landfall as a hurricane! Just. Ida drenches Nicaragua after landfall weakens system.

Carbon trading - the next 'sub-prime' - according to Friends of the Earth. I certainly agree it's a fallacious 'solution' to the problem of increasing carbon emissions, solves nothing but possibly makes money for a few. That said, I still want them to introduce personal carbon trading in the UK so I can make a killing selling all my unneeded 'carbon credits'!

Record October temperatures in Malaga

Melting snow shrinks Mont Blanc - no such worries in the UK, although I suppose if sea levels rise then our hills will become lower too ..... But are the Alps growing or shrinking? - as fast as they erode so they rise through isostasy!

More evidence not all oil and gas may be 'fossil fuels' after all: Abiotic synthesis of methane: new evidence supports 19th century idea on formation of oil and gas

There's a new theory on the cause (or one of the causes) of the PT extinction - fossil fuels! See, burning them can cause the end of the world ..... mass extinction blamed on fiery mountains of coal.

And in the USA, some earthquakes actually aftershocks of 19th century quakes


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