20th November - Today's News

All news reports concerning flooding in Britain and Ireland are in the entry below

Mini tornadoes spotted on Humber

As the Australian heatwave continues, temperature records fall and fire burn

Mysteriously warm times in Antarctica - were previous interglacials 6c warmer there than they are today?

SOFIA seeks secrets of planetary birth

Army Corp of Engineers blamed for for Hurricane Katrine levee breaches

58,000 homeless after Sri Lanka flash floods

After mastodons and mammoths a tranformed landscape - how the demise of the megafauna led to a change in the ecosystem of North America

Ocean's uptake of human-made carbon may be slowing

Tornado clean-up underway in Lowestoft

Heavy storms batter KwaZulu-Natal

Water found in lunar impact likely came from comets

Was there a stone-age apocalypse or not? - the "Clovis Comet" debate continues


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