21st November - Today's News

Stories relating to the flooding in Britain and Ireland will again be added here

Elsewhere in the world:

300 homes evacuated, schools closed after heavy rain, high tide flood Duncan, B.C.

Wild storms hit Melbourne after scorcher

Climate change causing 'corrosive' water to affect Arctic marine life

Combined global surface temperature was 6th warmest for October - I thought we were cooling?

And, apart from the floods, the other big breaking news story yesterday was the revelation that the computer server used by the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia had been hacked and a large number of emails and other documents removed. This were then made widely available ...... Certain blogs leapt on these with glee, posting carefully selected comments which could be misinterpreted and taken out of context to imply improbity and collusion amongst some climate scientists to 'fiddle' data in order to show global warming. I've seen nothing that suggests that that is the case as yet (yes, I do have a copy of the files) and my initial impression is that, if publicised, some of the emails and other documents could prove more damaging to the reputation of some 'so-called' sceptics. I will not be publishing anything myself - unless necessary to refute falsely made claims - and will leave it to others to comment on this intriguing turn of events:

Climate scientists accused of 'manipulating global warming data'

This climate email hacking episode is generating more heat than light

Harrabin's Notes: Email arguments
....speaking to my source at the CRU, it is also clear that the unit has been dragged down by what it considers to be nit-picking and unreasonable demands for data - and that there is personal animus against their intellectual rivals
And that, basically, is all the emails reveal.....


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