24th November - Today's News

New Zealand glaciers melting away, but don't panic ... there's more ice on the way with over 100 icebergs drifting to N Zealand.

No let up in Malaysia as flood situation worsens in Kelantan, Perak - meanwhile, here, Minister warns of new UK flood threat. More rain to come, especially for those areas hardest hit already. Yesterday, however it was a different problem - tornado leaves trail of destruction as wild weather continues to sweep across Britain.

CO2 curve ticks upwards as key climate talks loom

Supervolcano eruption in Sumatra deforested India 73,000 years ago it also ushered in the coldest spell of the last ice age and nearly managed to wipe humankind out. Some think it would have been better had it succeeded ....

Is global warming unstoppable?
In a provocative new study, a University of Utah scientist argues that rising carbon dioxide emissions -- the major cause of global warming -- cannot be stabilized unless the world's economy collapses or society builds the equivalent of one new nuclear power plant each day.
But are CO2 emissions the major cause of global warming and will continued increases in emissions result in increased warming? That is the trillion dollar question. Oh, and I notice that he doesn't mention inventing the "off switch" as a means of cutting emissions either. Probably never thought of that. Not the brighest sparks on the planet, humans .....


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