10th November - Today's news

Tornado hits Oregon coast as wild conditions continue

Antarctic glacier retreat creates new carbon dioxide store - is this Gaia in operation again I wonder?

Sixty missing and 124 dead after Hurricane Ida mudslide buries entire town in El Salavador, whilst Gulf Coast residents stay put ahead of Ida. Now downgraded to a tropical storm, Ida is expected to make landfall this morning in Lousiana.

The hot weather in Australia continues to spread with the first November heatwave for Adelaide expected this week - 5 days with the temperature above 35c being deemed a heatwave. Not surprisingly, some are claiming that SA heatwave is 'climate change weather'. Or maybe it's just weather.

Will drilling into a volcano trigger an eruption that destroys Naples? Er, no ....

Landslide kills 39 in southern India

After a wet October in the US, sunny November may cure this season's harvest headaches

More wholly unsurprising news as a new study announces climate models don't tell the full story.

Atlanta floods extremely rare
The epic flooding that hit the Atlanta area in September was so extremely rare that, six weeks later this event has defied attempts to describe it. Scientists have reviewed the numbers and they are stunning.
Past climate of northern Antarctic peninsular informs global warming debate

Changing Arctic affecting air, ocean and everything inbetween

Some argue that increased CO2 is beneficial to plant life and therefore a good thing. But it's not as simple as that - plants only benefit if they also get an increase in the other necessary nutrients they need to grow and there are suggestions that nitrogen loss threatens desert plant life.

Stone age humans crossed Sahara in the rain

Finally, an early storm warning for the British Isles for this weekend. A complex area of low pressure in the Atlantic will produce secondary lows which look set to track from the SW up the western side of the British Isles on Friday/Saturday and again later on Sunday/Monday. Gales, as well as heavy rain, for most parts but especially the west. Not a weekend to plan a high level camping trip or for sailing! The Met Office already have an early warning out for this for Friday.


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