25th November - Today's News

Well, another stormy night here last night - winds seemed the strongest yet - with another 8mm of rain bringing the month's total so far up to 100mm - that's about twice the normal amount but rather a lot less than some places have had. No problems with local rivers as yet although on the Severn the flood barriers are going up as the heavy rain over Wales of the past week or so works it's way downstream.

We start today with tragic news from down under as world's oldest sheep dies in Australian heatwave - baaaaaa - whilst records fall in long, hot spring.

Scottish flooding 'to get worse' and experts predict more bad weather for Cumbria whilst in Ireland they're saying extreme weather will be the norm.

In Canada, cold, windy weather extinguishes Olympic torch - a dozen times so far. I think that's meant to be unlucky? Doesn't bode well, especially since El Nino could be too warm for Olympics. Grass ski-ing instead perhaps?

Phil Jones and colleagues may have conspired to prevent personal email messages being posted on scurrilous internet blogs (the cads!) but despite this, the Met Office still forecast a decade of record breaking temperatures ahead - why, after the "climategate" fiasco* one would have thought everyone now knew that there was no such thing as AGW and we're entering the coldest ice age since the Ordovician ...... LOL!

* which has shown certain 'sceptics' to be little more than obsessive conspiracy theorists

In conjunction with the NERC and Royal Society, the Met Office have also issued a Climate Science Statement


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