30th November - Today's news

Back from Stirling - and some kind soul gave me a cold on the train ..... Ironically the weather has also finally turned cold, albeit just briefly, with most hills seeing at least a dusting of snow over the weekend and tonight for many the first air frost of the season - which, assuming that's the case in Evesham, will be the latest I've recorded my first air frost.

More rain in Britain this weekend - rain continues as winter weather brings more floods and floods spark caravan parks rescue

Melbourne storm creates travel havoc whilst severe thunderstorms hit SE Queensland

In Chile, northern beaches open early because of hot weather

Buffalo, where's the snow? - the US city is experiencing it's 4th longest snowless streak on record.

Outraged Saudis blast govt after deadly Jeddah flood

And it's just as well it's not the 25th December as wind gusts topple trees, delay Santa

Climate 'time bombs' stoke scientists' fears

Winds blow clouds of ash from S Calif mountains

Death toll from Saudi floods reaches 106

Past regional cold and warm periods linked to natural climate drivers

From the department of the bleedin' obvious: peat fires drive temperatures up: burning rainforests release huge amounts of greenhouse gases And of course the other issue that if we burn all this tropical peat now, there won't be any coal in 20 million years time!
Private companies often exploit fires to prepare the ground for the establishment of large-scale plantations for the production of wood pulp and palm oil.
The fires, however, are doubly dangerous. The smoke they produce contains tremendous amounts of aerosols and toxic gases, which can lead to serious health problems in many areas of Southeast Asia
"Estimates vary widely," says Siegert, but it is assumed that the carbon released amounted to at least 13% and perhaps as much as 40% of the total carbon emissions attributable to the burning of fossil energy sources. Such levels of carbon dioxide represent a very considerable contribution to overall warming of the globe."
Ocean crust formation is dynamic afterall

The great climate change science scandal - yes 'climategate' is still making the headlines .... .and according to that paragon of misinformation, Christopher Booker, this is the worst scientific scandal of our generation* Though oddly, not one person has mentioned anything about it to me. My impression is that 99% of the public really don't care. Perhaps they're more intelligent that I sometimes give them credit for? After all, the whole 'affair' affects the climate issue in the same way that Thierry Henry's hand-ball affects the results of all football games played around the world. Shows how desperate the deniers and CTs are that they so desperately grap at this tiniest of straws.... ignoring the huge pile of bales all around them.

* tell that to those suffering the effects of thalidomide, for example.

Mind, it doesn't help when at the other end of the spectrum you get The Guardian peddling complete and utter nonsense like Gulf Stream collapse could be like a disaster movie - not could, could not. To replicate the Younger Dryas we'd need to cover half od N America and Scandivai in an ice sheet, then dump several times the content of the Great Lakes into the Atlantic is a mtter of weeks ..... The better comparison is with what occurred around 8,200 years ago ...... when following another dispution to the Gulf Stream temperature across Europe plumetted by between 1c and 2c ...... Which were it to happen today would put us back in the 1970s temperature wise. Hmmm, 1970s? Perhaps it would be a disaster after all ...... !


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