16th November - Today's News

Kicking off with a round-up of reports from the stormy weather that affected mostly just the very southern parts of the UK over the weekend.

There were 2 reports of tornadoes, both from East Anglia:

Mini tornado hits Lowestoft and 60 houses damaged as tornado hits Benfleet - the latter was actually filmed by a UKweatherworld forum member and can be see on youtube here. There's also excellent discussion, photos and the initial site investigation report from Paul Sherman on Ukweatherworld.

There was a lucky escape from overturned caravan as weather wreaks havoc in North Wales whilst homeowners warned to expect more floods.

The strongest wind gust recorded was 100mph at the very exposed Needles Lighthouse on the Isle of Wight - though that figure inevitably made it into the media headlines such as storm batters southern England, bringing 100mph winds whilst according to The Daily Mail Britain prepares for another battering after biggest storm of the year washes out the weekend - anyone would think a bit of wet and windy weather in November was unusual! And it was only the 'biggest storm of the year' to affect southern counties (note the more accurate headline from The Guardian above). Scotland, of course, gets hit by much bigger storms all the time. And anyway, much of the weekend here was dry with most of the rain falling at night. Indeed Sunday was rather a fine sunny day. Hardly a washout! Poor headline. But nice pictures.

In Canada, there have also been flood and landslide warnings as B.C. gets hit by heavy rain

Warmer means winder on world's biggest lake

Molecule collisions kept early Earth warm - new research which may go some way to solving the Faint Young Sun Paradox (sadly for AGW deniers, it still involves greenhouse gases causing warming).

And finally, meteor shower this week as we cut through comet trails - cloud permitting!


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