26th March - Today's News: Record March Temps in Britain

A record breaking weekend in Britain with the maximum on Saturday tying the date record and on Sunday, not only brealking it but also producing the warmest March day ever for Scotland. Today looks like being a repeat. It was also the warmest 2 days I've ever recorded in Evesham in March.

At 22.8c Scotland breaks record for March

'Hospepipe hotlines' to enforce drought restrictions as March heatwave continues all week

Heath fires on the rise as UK drought worsens - still looks like most places should see some rain over Easter though.

And there was also record March temperature set at 21.2c in St Helier - though the Channel Islands might still be a little aggreived it was even warmer in Scotland!

In Canada, heatwave, ice jams lead to flooding in western New Brunswick

'Tornado' downs trees in Leeston in NZ

Temperatures could rise by 3c by 2050, models suggest - but only according to some of the higher model simulaton runs (though as usual, this is not immediately apparent from the news story). And I bet when they don't get so high the anti science mob then use this to 'prove' AGW is a lie .... We really should teach them the meaning of the word 'could'. And not to rely entirely on media headlines for their science education! A bit more on this from the Met Office here.

Meanwhile, extreme weather of last decade part of larger pattern linked to global warming according to latest research by the Potsdam Institute.

A year on, Japan tsunami 'ghost ship' drifting to Canada

James Cameron back on surface after deepest ocean dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

And some great pictures of the bizarre 'corkscrew' clouds creating a magical spectacle in the high-altitude skies over Mount Rainier


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