12th March - Today's News: English Hosepipe Ban Looms

Hosepipe ban looms for 20 million as drought bites across England

Weekend relief as NSW flood crisis abates but there's a cyclone watch for Top End tropical low. And in WA, Perth sweltering in four-day heatwave

Great Lakes ice down 71% since 1973, study finds whilst another study reports Greenland ice sheet more sensitive to warming

Concerns grow as hundreds of turbines to be built across Britain - and of course, rather than despoil one area and leave elsewhere of intrusive human presence, they'll be scattered hither and thither, as they are in Wales, so wherever you go, they'll be visible. Thankfully the remotest places may yet be protected by their remoteness as it's cheaper to build wind farms relatively close to main roads. For now.

And here's hoping for clear evening skies this week to see a close conjunction as Venus and Jupiter to pass in the night sky


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