27th March = Today's News: Scottish Temp Record Beaten Again

The heatwave continues as Scottish temperatures hit new March high - and we could yet beat that again today or tomorrow before it cools down for the weekend. But, says Max Hastings, this glorious record-breaking weather will bring us nothing but misery

Meanwhile, Dumfriesshire hillside grass fir burns through night

Save our floundering fish! Thousands moved as the drought takes its toll on water levels

I person found dead on Colorado wildfire

Despite more rain, flood threat eases in soggy far north Qld

'Compost bomb' is latest climate change tipping point

A glow in the Martian night throws light on atmospheric circulation

Geologists correct a 'rift' in Africa

And they been studying Atlantis - the Atlantis massif that is, in the Atlantic, where expedition to undersea mountain yields new information about sub-seafloor structure


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