14th March - Today's News: Heavy Snow on Oregon Coast

Probably the last update till next week as I'm away for MBA meetings in Glasgow on Friday and probably won't have time to do anything tomorrow. But the weather's pretty quiet around the world at the moment after the excitement in the US and Australia earlier this month.

'Weather bomb' blasts through Cambell River in BC, whilst storm brings snow, wind and cold to Oregon coast, more expected Wednesday - they don't normally see much snow on the coast in Oregon.

In Australia, cool, wet weather fails to dilute evidence of warming - I'm not convinced I entirely agree with CO2 affecting temp and sea levels more than natural variability, and as usual they seem to have forgotten that there's a lot more to AGW than GHGs But I agree that cool wet weather caused by La Nina does not mean warming isn't happening nor that warmer and drier conditions won't increase over the coming decades due to AGW, all else being equal.

Menawhile, Darwin hit by deluge as cyclone threat goes west

A good piece from the Met Office answering the question why are we in drought? And comaring the current situation with 1975/6. Interesting to see that the Midlands are in a much greater rainfall deficit than the SE where most of the hosepipe bans have been placed. Also worth noting that the Nov 10 - Feb 12 rainfall figure for Evesham is just 508.8mm which is 61% of the 61-90 average. Meanwhile, first desalination plant opens in mainland Britain as water bosses warn of price rises (Jersey already has a desalination plant - hence the still inaccurate use of 'mainland Britain').

But it's not just us worried, drought-hit Balkans struggle to keep lights on as much of their power comes from hydro. Venezuela suffered power shortages for the same reason a year or two back - showing just how over reliance on some 'renewables' has its downsides. And in Iberia, Spanish farmers struggle with lack of rain. They've been even drier than us this winter.

Research reveals carbon footprint caused by China'a irrigation system

And they're detecting clouds from both sides now

Cassini spies wave rattling jet stream on Jupiter

It destroyed the Cretan civilisation and inspired the story of Atlantis and now Santorini: the ground is moving again in paradise - but any eruption in the near future will be only a pale reflection of that in ~1650BC. We think .....

And meet the man who can control the weather: Berndnaut Smildeas really does have his head in the clouds - but only indoors and all in the name of 'art'.


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