8th March - Today's News: Big Solar Storm Hits Earth

Fears of disruption as strong solar storm hits the Earth - and a chance of some aurora being visible to mid latitudes today (and hopefully in Britain tonight)

More wild weather chaos hits NSW whilst in Victoria, Nathalia residents told to go as 'levees may not hold'

In China, cloud-seeding set to cover a wider area - though I can't help thinking this is just a sop to the public to make then think the government is trying to do something about climate changes and water shortages caused by deforesestation, global warming and a massive population. Or maybe they really do think it makes a difference?

Sea-threatened Kiribati mulls moving people to Fuji whilst here in Britain UK nuclear sites at risk if flooding, report shows - though of course the flood risk for places like Sizewell, Bradwell and Dungeness would increase over time anyway due to the land in SE England still sinking as a result of post-glacial isostasy. Whether that's an argument for building more nuclear power stations in the north of Scotland - where the land is rising - I'm not so sure!


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