5th March - Today's News: Deadly Australian Floods Spread; Storm System May Become Cyclone

Two dead in flood crises gripping parts of Victoria, NSW and Queensland with fears that deadly Queensland deluge may become cyclone

In the US last week tornado forecasts saved countless lives but orphaned toddler who was blown 300 yards into field by tornado dies of injuries (some reports say she was found up to 16km away - but that seems a tad unlikely) with the total death toll up to 39 as snowy weather adds to tornado survivor's misery.

Cyclone Irina wreaks havoc in KZN

UAE weather wreaks havoc

Up to 900 tropical bird species could become extinct if global warming continues as much and as rapidly as many currently predict.

Ice dam collapses at Argentine glacier - watched by thousands.

On Friday night a very bright meteor witnessed across Britain - of course, I was indoors and missed it!

Earthquakes shake Indian capital Delhi

And the John Muir Trust have launced a Talla and Gameshope estate purchase bid - the MBA have a bothy on the Gameshope Estate and it would be nice to see this area avoid being covered in trbines, roads and pylons. So hopefully the bid will be a success.


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