30th March - Today's News: Heatwave Ends, Wildfires Continue

The heatwave is just about over - grey skies here today and distinctly cooler - and it's still looking cool and at times wet for Easter (as has been predicted for the past week). Nonetheless, for the time it remains very dry across Britain, with warnings gorse fires in Northern Ireland 'will cost lives' whilst homes evacuated due to heath fire near Beauly and in the Brecon Beacons helicopter to fight grass fires in new crackdown.

And although some snow if forecast for the hills this weekend and next week, Cairngorm Mountain ski resort in 'summer mode' - at what should normally be one of their busiest times of the year

Deaths feared as severe storm hits Fiji

In Viet Nam, Deputy PM warns of abnormal early stormas TS Pakhar apporaches

Weather cooperates as firefighters battle Colorado wildfire

CO2 was hidden in the ocean during last ice age

Met Office to provide space weather warnings for planet Earth and forecasts for exoplanets - the latter should keep them quite busy now that it's estimated that our galazy contains super-Earths 'in the billions'.

And new data on the origin of the Moon: titanium paternity test fingers Earth as Moon's sole parent, questioning the popularly held theory that it formed following a collision between the early Earth and another proto-planet


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