13th January - Today's News: Snow falls in Evesham

Well, we finally saw some snow!  A few flakes on the back edge of yesterday's rain (blink and you'd miss them) and then a nice dusting from showers overnight.  Most has now melted though ....  But it was the first time there was snow on the ground in daylight since 2013.

But compared with parts of Europe have had, it's been rather fine weather!

There's also a storm surge flood threat to east coast of England though the danger doesn't appear to be as great as initially feared.  Nonetheless evacuations continue in Essex and Suffolk

So how often does it snow in the UK, and is it getting rarer?  It's certainly getting rarer round here, with just 7 days of observed snow fall in Evesham since March 2013.   Two of which were yesterday and today.



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