8th September - Today's News: Gales Batter Wellington

In NZ,  plane passengers scream in terror as winds hit Capital

And in South Australia gales send turbines into overdrive

Deaths as storms sweep mobile home into Oklahoma ravine whilst in Arizona, woman found dead in car swept away in flooded wash.

Windstorm slams through Anchorage area

Hot weather fuels more wildfires in eastern Washington

Deadly earthquakes shake south-west China's Yuman

Powerful earthquake rocks Coast Rica's northwest with 4 Coasta Rica volcanoes being closely watched after quake

Whilst in Japan, Mount Fuji under pressure, experts say

Well it is nearing the end of the world .....

It was Scotland's summer of two halves: wet in many parts, but warm and very dry in the NW

Balkans drought fuel fear of repeat winter ebergy crisis as there's insufficent water in the hydro reservoirs

France has hot and dry August as heatwave drove up temperatures

Landslides, floods kill 29 in Viet Nam

Himachal builds automated weather station at 15,000 feet above sea level in the Himalaya

Westerly storms warm Norway - not the 'Gulf Stream'

Arctic ice melting at 'amazing speed'

Desert diversity cut by 'human activities' 

Mars's dramatic climate variations are driven by Sun

On Saturn's moon Enceladeus, volcano shoots geyser of water up into space

Dawn proble leaves asteroid Vesta

And Drumochter Pass track 'emphasises impact' on Scots hills of Salmond the Sassenachs drive to turn all of the Highlands into a power station.   It's even worse in remoter parts.


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