14th September - Toda's News: Storms Flood Las Vegas

World's hottest temperature cools a bit - it's now 56.7 C (134 F), recorded on 10th July, at Greenland Ranch in Death Valley.  The previous record of 58 C  (136.4 F), recorded on 13th Sept 1922, in El Azizia, Libya being deemed inaccurate.

Families in fear as tornado hits homes in South Wigston, Leicestershire on Wednesday.  Well it moved a trampoline, it must have been a tornado!   And pictures reveal damage caused by Beech Avenue 'mini tornado'in Swanley, Kent.   Neither report has been investigated as yet to confirm whether the damage was indeed tornadic, or just from 'straight line' winds.    The public often assume any sudden, damage causing, winds to be tornadoes these days.

We should get some bumper autumn colour thanks to wet summer followed by warm spell - cameras at the ready!

And it's claimed that the benefits or thorium as an alternative nuclear fuel are 'overstated'   The full report is here, but I've not as yet read it.  


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