17th September - Today's News: Typhoon Sanba Batters S Korea

A study suggests there's been a steep rise in cases of extreme monsoon rain in India

Are there just 100 cod left in the North Sea?   Well no, but over-fishing, and the enforced, moronic, policy of returning non-quota fish caught by accident back into the sea (often dead) means there are fewer and fewer cod reaching full maturity.     I am at least pleased to see that the EU policy on discarding fish is to be ended.  Though probably much too little too late .....  As it currently stands, I don't think reducing quotas won't make any difference at all.   More controversially, there's also been a call to freeze fishing in Europe to replenish stocks.   Which to be fair, might work.  If it could be enforced and fishermen compensated.   And there are still fishermen left to fish after the proposed ban has ended .....


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