11th September - Today's News: TS Leslie Hits Canada

In Seattle, near record dry weather ends after 49 days - just short of the 51 day record.   We had rain in Evesham last night too, the first this month.

First snow of winter falls on Britain's highest peak.   But there was snow fall on the Cairngorms a couple of weeks ago.  And the forecast for 2080: heatwaves, 11,000 deaths and dengue fever

In NZ, snowy blast hits North Island - if my entirely unscientific idea about our weather following patterns down under holds true, then this winter in Britain could see some cold and snowy weather in December, followed by a mild start to the years but a return of wintry weather late in February and March.

Fresh floods in northern Thailand renew fears over how well flood defences will hold - last year's Bangkok floods still fresh in the memory.

Still awaiting formal confirmation from NASA, but it appears that Jupiter may have been hit by a fireball last night

And more planets could harbour life.  But not as we know it?

Finally, the MBA's latest big workparty, doing up the Hutchi Hut, makes the BBC TV News as bothy restoration project begins


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