13th June - Today's News: Early Summer Heat Broils Northern Hemisphere

Floods kill 10 in southern Brazil but rain easing ahead of the first World Cup matches due to be played in the region on Monday.  And just across the border in Argentina, the Ignazu Falls overflow in flood of Biblical proportions

Kim Jong-Un calls out North Korean Met Office for incorrect forecasts - they probably forecast scattered showers and it remained dry all day in Kim's back garden .....

New satellite image shows major ice chunk breaking off Greenland glacier

And finally, will it reach 30c somewhere in the UK today?  June 13th is the only summer day on which that temp has never been reached ........   I think we'll probably fail once again, although the date record of 28.3c set in 1896 (and last repeated in 1994) could be at risk.  A max of around 28c looks possible in the London area.....


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