17th June - Today's News: Twin Tornadoes Hit Nebraska

Deadly US tornadoes strike Nebraska with dramatic footage of two twisters side by side and many more pictures of the damage in the Daily Mail as  terrifying 200mph tornado cluster levels Nebraska town killing two, including one child, and leaving sixteen people critical

Bizarre headlines in the British media that a drought could be on the way as experts predict 'very little rain' for the next week ...... although much of the country (including Evesham) has already seen as much rain in the first two weeks of June as we'd expect for the whole month.   And reservoirs across the country are full.  

And for once something that is not being attributed to global warming (yet) or indeed offered as an explanation for it (again, yet): continental movement may be speeding up - over the past 2 billion years the rate at which tectonic plates have moved appears to have increased.  A bit.


  1. Met Office response: http://metofficenews.wordpress.com/2014/06/17/guest-blog-risk-of-summer-drought-at-normal-levels/


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