5th June - Today's News: Deadly Floods in Sri Lanka

Over 7,000 affected, 15 dead as rains, floods wreak havoc in Sri Lanka - with some reports suggesting up to 23 fatalities and up to 100,000 affected

With 22.8mm of persistent rain it was the wettest day of the year in Evesham yesterday, whilst over in Lincolnshire tornado-like clouds brew over Britain as forecasters warn thundery rain and hailstorms are set to hit the UK this weekend - 5ft craters not expected.

5 die in Guatemala landslide caused by heavy rains

Last month, 60,000 cattle dead in Bolivia cold wave - though no suggestions the weather is anything much out of the ordinary (bearing in mind it is winter down there)

And in the endless see-sawing of was it man or climate, latest study concludes human, not climate, to blame for ice age era disappearance of large mammals.   My opinion?  It was a bit of both....


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