7th June - Today's News: Camera Captures Lightning Striking Canadian Car

Woke to lots of thunder this morning - but as always the storm itself by-passed Evesham.  Still awaiting a proper, big, overhead storm here - the last one I experienced was in Suffolk in 1994 .....! No reports as yet of problems from today's storms, but there has been a lot of lightning already, and more storms to come.

Meanwhile, a lucky escape in Canada as a surveillance camera captures the dramatic moment lightning struck a pick-up truck

Saving trees in tropics could cut emissions by one-fifth - haven't I been arguing along those lines all along? Based on 2010 emission data (from wikipedia) that's the same as everyone (and every company, every industrial process, every home, every vehicle) in the whole of the EU and India suddenly producing zero carbon emissions ......

And not surprisingly, SSE's Stronelairg wind farm near Fort Augustus approved - it'll be in what once once one of the wildest, remotest, emptiest moors in the whole of Britain, but an area now already blighted by access roads associated with the building of the reservoir of the ill-fated Glen Doe hydroscheme.   The turbines may not be visible to normal tourists in the glens, but they will be seen from many dozens of munros across a huge part of the Highlands .....


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