11th June - Today's News: No, It's Not Forecast to be Hottest Summer Ever

Although the story beneath is somewhat better than the cr*p spouted by the Express and Star, even the Independent manage to mislead with their headline that Britain could be in for the hottest summer ever .... - which many will read as 'is'.   In fact there's no reason to suppose it'll be the hottest at all and the Met Office's outlook for the UK summer 2014 simply suggests that there's 25% chance it'll be in the warmest category ..... and a 15% chance in the coldest.   So odds are, it'll be near, or just above, average when all three months are taken into consideration.   Though this doesn't mean it won't be the hottest summer ever - or indeed the coldest - simply that it's not forecast to be.

'Chilly' 20c Cairns day break record - I'd be happy if that was the warmest it ever got!   It's the lowest maxima they've recorded there since 1995.


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